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Beyond Body Gift Set

by The Face Shop
KWD 11.000     
  • Height: 13 cm
  • Width: 6 cm
  • Length: 11 cm

Passion and beyond total recovery body oil cream offers nourishing and anti-ageing effects by filling up skin with moisture and elasticity. It is a body cream with an oil-infused cream texture that combines hibiscus flower extract and fermented water to create a resilient and smooth body. Blended with eco-farming complex to smooth skin texture and calm irritated skin with a deep moisturizing effect. Formulated with hibiscus flower extract and ceramide to deliver natural nutrients to skin layers. Benefits: nourishing and anti-ageing effects/filling up skin with moisture and elasticity/smoothen skin texture/calm irritated skin with deep moisturizing effect how to use: apply a moderate amount on the body after cleansing. Set includes: shower cream (300+100ml), body moisturizer (250+100ml).

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